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My own journey of healing has lead me to become a Board Certified Sexologist, Authentic Tantra® Practitioner, Certified Health Coach with a Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition Professional Certification from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation at Cornell University, Certified Akashic Records Consultant-Trauma Informed, Certified Light Language Facilitator, Usui Reiki Master Energy Healer, Certified Behavior Change Specialist, Certified 300Hr Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), and Self Love Guide. I also have a Bachelor's Degree from The Ohio State University in the College of Human Ecology. 

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My Journey

      I am passionate about Holistic Health & Wellness to Heal from Trauma and Chronic Stress & Illness. For me that means supporting the Body, Mind, & Spirit.

    My life growing up looked seemingly picture perfect on the outside. On the inside my body, mind, and spirit were struggling to thrive. As a survivor of childhood trauma and abuse, my body and my home were not safe. 


    In order to cope with the abuse that I endured, I would eat past the point of satiation to numb any feelings that would surface. This excessive consumption of food and dissociation from my body also allowed me to feel safe from the energies that I was picking up from the people around me. 


    My wakeup call came when I weighed around 190 pounds and could no longer understand who I was and what my soul wanted to express in this life.

   Utilizing a myriad of Holistic Lifestyle wellness tools including Authentic Tantra® as well as Sound & Energy Healing, I have been able to lose excess trauma weight gain and live a life where I am filled with Unconditional Self Love and Self Compassion.

I have now shifted my life's path to focus on my soul's passion, purpose, and mission of supporting others in healing from trauma and chronic stress & illness by reclaiming their Inherent Birthright of Sovereignty and Self Love and ultimately reconnecting with their Body, Mind, and Spirit Holistically. 


    Healing for me has been about discovering my unique balance and equanimity, which is ultimately an ever fluid dynamic dance of Self Love.

    Equanimity is a concept that is very much a part of what I strive to embody as well as teach and support my clients in cultivating in their own lives.  


  The beauty and poeticism about balance and equanimity is that it will look different for everyone. 


  As we grow, learn, expand, and find new ways of being and doing things, the idea of equanimity is ever evolving.


 The goal is to allow these shifts and flow to take place in ourselves and others with unconditional love, acceptance, and encouragement and without judgment.


  This takes mindfulness and is meant to be a lifetime journey and practice.

My mantra is Let's Kiss Life💋 which for me means Let's Keep Life Simple, Slow, and Sensual.


  I believe in a bottom-up Somatic approach to healing that includes working with the energy body, along with the physical body and all of our senses, to promote Holistic Health and Wellness. 

  Connecting to and being present and aware of our body allows us to move thru anything that may be holding us back from living our most authentic expression.

  The more connected, present, and aware that we are in our bodies with unconditional love and compassion, the more we are able to allow the wisdom of our soul to awaken and arise and be a beacon for our divine light to shine into this world and beyond.


  Healing from trauma, chronic illness, or losing weight is rarely just about a food, medicine, and/or exercise program. It is also not a linear process. But the journey is so worth it and I would love the opportunity to support you on your journey of healing. 


 We are all enough and worthy of the love and acceptance that we give to and receive from others, and the love and acceptance that we give to ourselves.


  If my words and story have resonated with you and you would like to work with me then click here.

  Thank you for coming & Let's Kiss Life!💋

*If you or someone you know are being sexually abused you can reach out to the National Assault Hotline RAINN at 800.656.HOPE (4673). They are available 24/7 for free and your call is confidential.

*If you or someone you know is suffering from any mental health or substance abuse challenge you can reach out to SAMHSA at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) They are also available 24/7 for free and your call is confidential. 

*If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder you can reach out to ANAD at (888)-375-7767.

 Their Helpline is available Monday-Friday, 9am-9pm CST. They will return messages left outside of these hours.

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