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Authentic Lineage Based Tantra Myth: It is all about Sex

Authentic Tantra Myth it is all about Sex

Authentic Lineage Based Tantra Myth: It is all about Sex

Authentic Tantra®️ has a gazillion different facets and yes, sex (sacred energy exchange) and our sexuality is certainly a huge component.

Our sexual energy is what is weaved throughout our entire being.

Our sexual energy literally allows us to create new life!!!

And…Authentic Tantra® is about so much more.

This lineage of practices are also about connection as well as the love, kindness, and compassion that we have for ourselves, all others, and the world around us.

Authentic Lineage Based Tantra is about healing from the trauma and shame that we more than likely have experienced with our Authentic Self Expression.

It is about understanding what it means to unconditionally love ourselves, even if we may not have learned how to do so before.

There is so much more to share about this topic and I have been fortunate enough to welcome these lessons of growth and healing as I have integrated these tools & practices.

If you are a Cisgender woman and are curious to find out more and learn how specific practices can support you in cultivating more unconditional love, connection, and safety in your body, then I welcome you to click the link below to schedule a 30 Minute Consultation.

Take Care & Let’s Kiss Life 💋

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