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Benefits of Golden Berries

Organic Dried Golden Berries are fruit powerhouses and are high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C which both support the health of our immune system.

They are full of antioxidants, which increase the life of our cells by protecting our bodies against free radicals/toxins in our environment.

They are great for the health of our vision because they contain beta-carotene and lutein and can even protect against vision loss for diabetics and our aging population.

Golden Berries are also anti-inflammatory and can support the health of our digestive system.

I love them in my morning oats and feel as though they have been giving me a boost of energy.

If you get a chance to try them let me know what you think and how you have been adding them to your meals.

Take Care, Happy Friday and Let’s Keep Life Simple, Slow, & Sensual💋

Let’s Kiss Life 💋

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