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Benefits of Spanish Black Radish

Today I share my Food Find of the Spanish Black Radish and its Benefits.

If you get a chance to try them let me know what you think and how you have been adding them to your meals.

Join me for an Online 90 Minute Sensually Mindful Eating Workshop on 07/11/2023

This Workshop will provide tools and information focused on utilizing your senses and the Tibetan 5 Elements to Support you in bringing Mindfulness to your Meals.

In this Workshop we will cover:

*What is Emotional Binge Eating

*How the Tibetan 5 Elements Connect with our Senses

*How to Focus on your Senses and the Elements to Bring Presence

*Tips for each Sense to Cultivate Mindfulness

*Journal Prompts to Connect with your Emotional Food Cravings

BONUS: Tapping into your 6th Sense for Healing


Cost: $64

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