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Boundaries: Being Like a Cat

Boundaries Being Like a Cat

This random thought came to me the other day as I was happily loving on my cat.

Typically one of the reasons people seem to not enjoy the company of cats is because they can be standoffish at times.

I find this trait endearing.

I feel as though cats just have boundaries and they honor when they want to receive attention and affection, and when they do not.

This honoring of themselves is inspiring for me because it allows me to check-in with myself and my own boundaries.

So often we feel we need to do, be, or allow something in order to please others, when in reality our authentic pleasure in life comes from honoring our own boundaries.

When my cat is open to affection, I am able to truly appreciate those times because I know that she really wants to connect with me.

And I love the f*uck out of the times when she isn’t into playing or affection because she is honoring her No.

So how can we, especially as women, respect our boundaries…our Yes’s & our No’s?

And have peace in knowing that the right people in our lives will honor our answers.

This takes awareness, connection, and compassion for ourselves first and foremost and is a journey of continually checking in to honor our answers in each moment and season of our lives.

So, in other words… like a cat🐈 😘

Happy Friday And Let’s Kiss Life💋

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