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Cultivating Patience with Change

I admittedly read this quote from my tea bag, but it is nonetheless an inherent truth.

It reminded me of how I watched two squirrels chase each other the other day and one of them jumped to another tree onto smaller and much shakier branches.

The other squirrel, instead of following, ran higher up the tree and jumped over onto larger and more sturdy branches.

The chase, interaction, & play ensued.

For me, this was a beautiful reminder of patience.

Sometimes making a leap or change to another career, diet, or relationship is going to take time.

The jump can happen sooner if forced, but the experience may end up being more shaky.

If instead patience is cultivated, then the experience can end up being much more pleasurable and grounded in its happening.

Happy Friday and Let’s Kiss Life this week! 💋

Take Care💚

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