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Cultivating Pleasure Consciousness

Ceborah Cultivating Pleasure Consciousness

As I have focused on creating pleasure consciousness I have come to realize that what I find pleasurable changes.

A simple example: my pillow.

I had this amazing pillow that I would use at home and take with me everywhere when I traveled because I felt like it was the best shape for the support I needed.

As I have changed what I find is a comfortable position to sleep, the pillow that I thought was the best for me began to fall short because it wasn’t supporting my head & neck in the way that I needed.

I switched pillows and now my head and neck have become much more comfortable & supported.

At first I thought, “Was my old pillow sh*tty for me this whole time and I never realized it?!?”

But then I understood that the pillow was working for me in the time that I needed for it to and now my needs had changed.

In Life, this can look like changing a job, moving on from a relationship, taking steps to heal from trauma and chronic illness, or changing the way that we want to eat and move our bodies.

When we can be brave and ask the question, “What is it that I need to change or do in order to find & experience my pleasure?”

Then allow ourselves the patience and grace to receive our answer, while also remaining open in the knowing that something in our lives may need to change.

As we expand and evolve on our path of healing and saying yes to pleasure, change is inevitable.

It’s how we move thru the changes that can create more pleasure if we can navigate with love and compassion.

If you are a Cisgender Woman and would like support in cultivating your pleasure consciousness, navigating your life changes, and/or learning tools to enrich & nourish your health and wellness, I would love to work with you.

Click the Link below to Learn more and schedule a 30 Min. Consultation.

Take Care and Happy Monday!

Let’s Kiss Life💋

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