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How Going Plant Based can help save and heal our planet's Water

It is currently known that the Earth has limited availability of fresh water for consumption.

A lesser known fact is that moving towards a Plant Based diet can have a significant impact on the amount of fresh water that is available now and for generations to come.

According to Bruce Monger, a PhD researcher in the Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell University, "liquid fresh water is a finite resource." We are now utilizing so much water each decade that has been drilled and obtained from aquifers that it would take thousands of years to replace.

So how can Plant Based eating help support Planet Earth and save an untold amount of lives of humans and animals? Bruce Monger, again, provides a sobering statistic to explain. "To grow a ton of beef requires four million gallons of water. To grow sugar beets, 52,000, vegetables 85,000, starchy roots 100,000 gallons per ton."

Consuming meat is unsustainable, and lessening the consumption of meat is not only beneficial for animals and humans leading more healthy lives, but Mother Earth is truly benefitted as well.

A New York Times article demonstrates the impact of the water footprint in regards to adjusting the amount of meat that you consume. Reducing your meat consumption by half would reduce your fresh water footprint by 30%. Going completely Whole Food Plant Based your fresh water footprint would be cut by 60%!!

As Earth Day is the time to celebrate this gift of a planet that we have been given, it is a perfect opportunity to take a look at your impact of food choices and how a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle can not only support your body, mind and spirit, but this beautiful planet as well.

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