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Finding Confidence in Changing How I Eat.

When I started my transition to a whole food plant based lifestyle I would feel guilt or shame if I were to eat animal products.

I would look at others in my community who were not eating plant based and I wanted to feel as though I was “normal, so I would confuse myself into believing that eating animals was what I wanted to do as well.

My body would begin to hurt due to the increased inflammation and my soul would hurt because it knew it was contributing to the harm of other sentient beings.

Once I would realize what I was doing I would stop eating animal products again and my body, mind, and spirit would begin to ease and heal as I came back into alignment with mySelf.

I now understand that this process was and is healthy and normal.

Change, especially something as significant as what I put on my plate, is not something that had to happen over night.

And giving myself compassion & understanding for taking time to fully transition to a whole food plant based lifestyle is what has given me the strength and resilience to know that I am truly doing what is best for my mind, body, and spirit.

I have now normalized the way I eat in my life and know that it may not look like what others are doing and that is okay.

We all have our own needs that are going to be met in our own way.

As long as I am honoring my needs, then that is where the #selflove and #selfcare and #healing occurs.

Much Love & Have a Beautiful & Safe Weekend 💚💋

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