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Finding freedom from Labels

A serving size is just a suggestion and can vary from person to person.

I realized when reading a food label the other day that I was consuming a smaller amount than a particular foods serving size recommendation.

The portion was perfect and satisfying for what I was utilizing the ingredient for and it brought up for me the understanding that any label that is placed on a food, person, or situation is merely up to each individual persons interpretation and needs of said food, person, or situation.

A label cannot tell me what my body, mind, & spirit wants or needs. That decision can only be made by me. And it can and will change.

So take some time to check-in with yourself to see if there are any labels or rules that you may have been adopting or following on your plate or in any area of your life that no longer support your highest good.

Give yourself permission to release the narrative, whatever it may be.

If you would like private 1:1 coaching to support you in releasing any narratives that no long feel nourishing, you can click here to work with me.

Much Love & Let's Keep Life Simple and Sensual....... Let’s Kiss Life 💋

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