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Greens Powder for the Win!!

I feel it is always great to get in extra veggies where I can and I am a big fan of greens powder in order to do just that.

I am loving the greens powder from @complement because it is organic, has clean pronounceable ingredients, and provides science-backed dosages of each green including Barley grass, Spinach, Broccoli Sprouts, Moringa, Chlorella, & SunFiber (a prebiotic that can healthfully feed the #gutmicrobiome).

These superfoods can help to improve energy, mood, sleep, immunity, brain function, recovery, and detoxification.

When I take the Complement’s greens powder I can literally feel my cells vibrating and I feel good because I am caring for my microbiome by feeding it nutrient-rich foods that are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

There are a ton of reasons to love this greens powder as well as the other products offered by Complement.

They are a sustainable & carbon neutral plant based company that create products for anyone who is looking to support their health and wellness.

Right now I have been loving adding their greens powder to my waffle recipe.

The powder is sweetened with a bit of stevia and the SunFiber acts as a thickener to provide great density to my waffles.

If you are interested in trying Complements greens powder or any of their other products you can click the link in my bio to access the products I love. You can also check out their link here and use my code CEBORAH to get 10% off your Entire Order.

How do you love to get in extra veggies?

Happy Friday & Let’s Kiss Life this week 💋

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