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Healing from Trauma & Chronic Illness

As I continue to heal from #trauma and heal my #gutmicrobiome I have enjoyed beginning to incorporate new foods and experiences into my life.

I do always have to remind myself (and sometimes my #healing support team reminds me as well) that slowly and gently is the way for loving and sustainable healing and progress.

My old style of trying to force, rush, or speed to the finish line of a goal no longer works in my body, mind, and spirit. And I don’t know if it ever really did work. As I embrace the beauty of the journey of healing and understanding that there is no true destination or end point, I have been able to appreciate each victory of a new food or experience that my body, mind, & spirit enjoys and even the frustration of a food or experience that isn’t a current match.

My learning has been the understanding that the food or experience may be something that my body, mind, and spirit isn’t ready for now and that I will try again after some time to see if it changes. Or the food or experience may be something that I used to eat or do that is no longer serving me in this new season of my life. Each scenario is perfect as it is.

And that is the beauty of life and this journey of healing. This state of impermanence….this state of change…knowing that nothing is static.

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