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Healing: Presence over Perfection

The journey of healing from trauma & chronic illness isn’t about having a million different tools and practices.

Having tools are definitely essential to healing.

And they can be powerful Allies for Health & Wellness.

However, the journey is in having the courage to continue to be present & mindful of your self care and recognizing when you may be feeling triggered and/or off balance and need to utilize your tools.

Healing from trauma and chronic illness is never about achieving perfection.

It is in the compassion with oneself for whatever thoughts and emotions arise and allowing them to flow thru and be released with whatever tools work for you.

One of the major tools that I have for supporting my Health & Wellness and cultivating Peace, Presence, and Joy in my own life has been practicing Authentic Tantra®️.

This powerful and transformative Trauma-Informed Sexual healing modality is rooted in the Tibetan 5 Element Teachings and has a multitude of tools to somatically support & heal our body, mind, & spirit.

If you are interested in learning more about Authentic Tantra® and how its tools may be of benefit to you, click the link here to schedule a 30 minute consultation.

Much Love and Have a Beautiful Weekend💚

Let’s Keep Life Simple, Slow, and Sensual…..

Let’s Kiss Life💋

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