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Healing Weight Gain due to Chronic Stress & Trauma

Healing Weight Gain Chronic Stress Trauma

So often we see a number on the scale and decide what that number means about our worthiness for love, happiness, you name it.

We disregard the chronic stress and trauma that our lives have provided that have undoubtedly contributed to our weight gain and completely ignore the acceptance and love for our bodies in the now.

This is very normal, as we have been taught by our current society that our bodies and the scale need to be a certain way in order for us to be loved, healthy, successful, respected, etc.

The narrative in society rarely talks about the trauma and chronic stress that we as women have endured in order to bring about this disconnection between our Self and our Love.

When we can begin to unpack the emotions, pain, & trauma that have been so inextricably tied to our weight and the image we have our bodies, we can begin to embrace our own Love and Freedom.

These are all of the struggles that I have personally faced and have been able to find my Self Love and Freedom thru the tools that I share with my clients.

The Pathway to Self Love & Holistic Wellness Coaching Program that I have created incorporates tools rooted in @AuthenticTantra and other lifestyle wellness support including Mindful Eating, Sleep Hygiene, and Stress Management to support my clients in healing the root cause of their Trauma, Chronic Stress & Illness, & weight gain in order to love, accept, & appreciate their bodies wherever they are on their health and wellness journey.

If you are interested in exploring how the tools that I teach can support you, then I invite you to click below to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation for my Health & Wellness Coaching programs.

Take Care & Let’s Kiss Life 💋

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