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Honoring Boundaries

Ceborah Honoring Boundaries

The other day I had to say no to connecting with a friend.

I found myself feeling conflicting emotions about saying no.

I felt proud of myself for honoring my boundaries and knowing that, although I would have loved to connect with my friend, that I had some self care needs that needed my attention.

I also felt a bit sad because I was mourning the old me who would have previously said yes to hanging with my friend because, although I had self care needs, I would have previously ignored them in order to “please” my friend.

I place “please” in quotations because my friend would not have wanted me to do something I didn’t want to or couldn’t do.

So my perception of “pleasing” them wouldn’t have been in actuality the truth.

I have come to realize that when we do things only for what we think will please someone else, and we don’t truly want to do it, we end up hurting ourselves and the other person in the long run.

There may be no obvious outward sign of this hurt, but energetically we are losing our power by not honoring ourselves and our needs.

So Here’s to honoring our No’s and our Yes’s and the courage to listen and to honor when our answer changes.

Have you had an experience where you made a different decision in your life that brought you more Peace and Sovereignty?

Take Care, Happy Monday, & Let’s Keep Life Simple, Slow, & Sensual on a path to healing from Trauma & Chronic Stress & Illness💋

Let’s Kiss Life💋

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