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Honoring Our Inner Child

I have found in my life and experiences that in order for intimacy to be cultivated it is important to heal, honor, & nourish my relationship with my inner child.

Intimacy with myself and others requires communication, safety, and connection.

All of these attributes are supported and obtained when the inner child feels communicated with and safe & connected in the body.

The more in touch I am with my needs and the needs of my inner child and the more I honor them with unconditional self love, the more intimacy is able to grow within other relationships and experiences in my life.

Sometimes it is as simple as stopping to take the time to ask what my inner child needs, like a mother or father would, and being patient and open for the response to arise in the moment or at a later time.

This is a loving reminder to take the time to check-in to see how you might be able to support your inner child and nourish your connection for the benefit of your relationship with yourself and those around you.

In other words give yourself permission to PLAY😘

If you would like 1:1 support in connecting with your inner child and self compassion, then click here to work with me.

Take Care and Have a Beautiful Weekend💚

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