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How to Deal with Confrontation Compassionately

Asking Questions Confrontation

When I was deep in my trauma response & unregulated/unbalanced nervous system I was afraid & hesitant to ask questions.

Whether it was learning something new or just interacting with another person, asking a question or feeling as though I was “questioning someone” felt too vulnerable and confrontational.

Vulnerability felt too scary as the perception of not understanding or knowing something felt unsafe.

And I certainly wasn’t able to “confront” someone about something I did not understand because that too felt scary.

I also realized that not only was I afraid of questioning others, but I was also afraid of my own self inquiry.

By not asking questions of myself I was left feeling disconnected from my own wants, needs, & desires.

Now, as I have utilized methods to heal from my own trauma and chronic stress and regulate my nervous system, I am able to be more present in interactions and welcome the opportunity to ask questions.

I now feel that asking questions are a beautiful way to convey my curiosity, interest, presence, and engagement with the person and/or experience that I am having.

And words are energy.

If we are questioning or “confronting” someone (even when it is ourselves) we can do so with openness and compassion.

So here’s to getting curious and asking questions in life and seeing what we are able to learn about ourselves, others, and all sentient beings as we expand, grow, and evolve💛

Take Care & Let’s Kiss Life💋

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