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Is High Maintenance a Bad Thing!?!?

I used to pride myself on being “easy” and “low maintenance”.

At the time this mindset was needed because it allowed me to feel safe and connected with others in my life more readily.

My thoughts were: if I was easy, or not a bother, or no trouble, then I would be loved.

But ultimately this mindset left me separated from what my needs truly were.

And therefore left me feeling disconnected, resentful, and most certainly not the feeling of love that I was doing my best to cultivate.

I now feel honored and fulfilled to have the opportunity to understand and inquire as to what maintenance or care I may need, and taking the time to accommodate the needs that arise, either in the moment or at a later time.

This may be considered “high maintenance” and yet it is really self love.

And we all have the right to continually discover what our needs are and to attune to them as best we can.

P. S. I feel like the movie Legally Blonde when the character exclaims, “I Got Bangs!!!!!” 😉

Happy Friday and Have a Beautiful Weekend EveryOne! 💋

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