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Is Perfectionism Real?

The more I allow myself to take risks and make mis-Takes and be silly the more perfect I become.

Let me explain…..

I previously tried my best to be “perfect.” It was a way to stay safe in environments that I perceived demanded that perfection so that anger and ire would not be received from other individuals, be it at work or within my friend or family structure.

But this perceived perfectionism was really only me acting in a way that I felt the other people or person wanted me to be.

And in so being that made up person, I felt personally stifled because I wasn’t expressing my authentic self.

The freedom that I now feel from incorporating my Self-Love & @authentictantra practices have allowed me the space to be silly and have fun and if I “mess-up” it is beautiful because it gives me the opportunity to get better and/or practice self-compassion.

Our perceived imperfections are what make us not only human, but perfect.

Life is about trying sh*t and practice.

Not to necessarily achieve perfection, but to experience the freedom of Self-Expression.

If you would like to work with me 1:1 so that I can support you in your Self-Care practices, you can click the link here to schedule.

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