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Learn Tantra w/Me! Heal Trauma | Expand Creativity | Navigate Life Changes 💋❤️

Check out my most recent YouTube video where I talk about my Pathway to Illumination Health and Wellness Coaching Program.

This Coaching Package is beneficial if you are looking for more in-depth support and tools utilizing healing methods that are rooted in the Authentic Tantra® Healing modality.

Here are just a few of the Benefits you can expect to receive:

*Methods to Heal Trauma, Balance your Nervous System, and cultivate greater Self Connection

*Activating and healing your Body, Mind, Spirit, and Sexuality with Tantric Meditation practices

*Sexual Healing for people with Yonis (Vagina's) to heal abuse trauma, low libido, inability to orgasm, vaginal pain, etc.

* Tools to Experience Sexual pleasure for yourself and be your own healer

*Practices to awaken and inspire your creativity and support you in navigating major life changes

*Empathic, Intuitive, & Non-Judgmental communication and holding space for healing.

*Yoni Yoga and/or Pelvic Floor exercises and movement to Heal and increase Pleasure & Connection

This Coaching program is for Cisgender Women Only.

If you would like to explore how this Health and Wellness Coaching program can be of benefit to you, I invite you to schedule a 30 minute Consultation Below.

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