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Life Transitions

If you have ever taken a yoga or exercise class you may have heard the instructor state that injuries are more likely to occur during the transition between poses or exercises.

I believe this is true in all areas of life.

Any transition, whether it is a relationship, career, eating style, etc. can take time to end and transition into the new experience.

It is perfectly okay and healthy to take the time to make the transition with thoughtfulness.

Step by step the new experience can take form to become your new way of being.

If you are going through changes or feel that you need support with an area of life where you are feeling stuck, click the link below to schedule an Akashic Records Reading.

Also check out my Testimonials to read some reviews of what other clients are saying about this powerful healing tool.

Much love, Happy Friday, and Let’s Keep Life Simple, Slow and Sensual…….

Let’s Kiss Life 💋

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