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My Take on Sustained Weight Loss.

I wanted to share a bit of my story of weight loss and how I feel it connects with unresolved trauma.

My 70+ pound weight loss and continued journey of healing a multitude of autoimmune conditions & chronic inflammation is not just about the food that I eat or the exercise I partake in.

I do believe food and moving my body are an integral part of supporting my healing and bring me pleasure as a part of my self care practices. For me, though, weight loss is about releasing and letting go of traumatic energy, memories, and emotions from myself and others.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse I was carrying the guilt, shame, and mistrust in my body and cells.

As I began the journey of healing my current and generational trauma I understood that carrying the excess weight felt safe for me. It was a way to protect myself from others (mainly mens) attention and energy.

As a Spiritual Intuitive Certified Health Coach, Certified Light Language Facilitator, & Certified Behavior Change Specialist my passion is to hold space for my clients so that they can feel Seen AND Heard in a safe container so that whatever needs to arise and be released can do so with love and acceptance.

I believe in a bottom up Holistic approach to healing and weight loss that includes working with the energy body along with the physical body to promote health and wellness.

I am currently training in a powerful lineage based trauma informed Holistic & Somatic healing modality (@AuthenticTantra) that has brought so much healing and transformation to my own life and I am honored to be able to have the opportunity to share it with my clients when my training is completed at the end of this year.

Weight loss and healing from chronic Dis-Ease, inflammation, & trauma is rarely just about a food and exercise program. It is also not a linear process. There have been and continue to be ups and downs on my own healing journey. But the journey is so worth it and I would love the opportunity to support you on your journey of healing.

If my words have resonated with you and you would like to work with me Click Here or reach out to

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