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Navigating Life Changes

I rented one of those scooters 🛴 the other day that you can use to get around larger cities.

The scooter had been parked outside of its operating zone and I had to walk it outside of the zone in order for it to begin to power on and move on its own.

This was such a visceral reminder for me that sometimes we want to move forward in our life whether it is in a career, relationship, or just simply a new way of being and we want the change to happen right where we are.

Sometimes our soul needs to move us out of our comfort zone and into a new path in order for the shifts and transitions to begin to flow.

These shifts can still be done with joy, ease, & grace and provide us with the fulfillment that our soul desires.

If you are wanting to make shifts and changes in your life and are feeling stuck or would like additional support I would be honored to assist you with an Akashic Records reading.

Check out my testimonials page to read what others are saying about this powerful energy healing service and click below to schedule your session.

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