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Opening Up after Hurts

I cut my finger the other day using a bread knife to excitedly cut into well…..bread. 😉

It brought up for me that Sometimes it can be scary to try something again after being hurt.

And yet the lessons that have been learned from the hurt experience will undoubtedly bring about more awareness, presence, and clarity in any new experience.

The next time I use my bread knife I will be more mindful and present with the experience because I know what it is like to not be.

Relationships, careers, & experiences can provide us with beautiful hurts and lessons that may be challenging and can also provide a greater insight & understanding as to what may be needed to care for oneself.

I may cut my finger again someday and yet it will never quite be in the same way again because I have changed from the previous experience.

What lessons have you learned from previous hurts in your life that can bring you more compassion and self love in your present experiences?

Take Care and Let’s Kiss Life this week💋

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