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Our Soul's Timeline

I looked up directions the other day to try to get to a location quicker instead of going the route that I also knew would get me to my destination, but in a slower time.

The quicker route had railroad tracks and I was stopped by a train.

I ended up arriving at my destination at the same time as I would have with the “slower” route.

This was a life lesson that I always appreciate receiving.

Although we might have our own timeline that we want for things to happen in our life, our Soul has its own timing.

Whether the journey feels quicker or slower we always arrive at the same time as we are meant to arrive.

So here’s to the journey of taking the scenic route or even enjoying the ride of the “quicker” route, as I had a fun time watching the train and admiring the artistry of the graffiti passing by.😘

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Much love, Happy Friday and Let’s Keep Life Simple, Slow, and Sensual…….💚💚

Let’s Kiss Life 💋

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