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Self Care Gets Dirty

Self Care Gets Dirty

I found myself feeling frustrated and annoyed the other day when my floors became dirty after I had just deep cleaned them.

I realized in the moment that cleaning is not done to achieve perfection and remain clean for the rest of days.

Just as I do not shower in order to remain clean forever.

Cleansing and nourishing ourselves, our home, our relationships take attention, time, and consistency.

It is never a “Okay, I am done & won’t need to do this ever again.”

Cleaning and caring for our home (body) and home (roof over our head), and relationships is about honoring, loving, and showing that we care and are appreciative for what we have been so favored to be given.

This can certainly be challenging when things get messy.

Yet thru the mess of life is where we can find our strength & love for ourselves, each other, and this planet.

What do you appreciate in your life that you find joy in taking care of?

Take Care and Let’s Kiss Life 💋

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