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Sensually Mindful Eating Part 2: TASTE

I believe we utilize all of our senses (including the Sixth Sense😘) to enjoy and experience the food that we nourish ourselves with.

Sense #2: TASTE

When I think of taste I love to explore different flavors such as salty, sweet, sour, bitter and my personal favorite Umami.

I also think about and love to explore different textures in my food.

From the satisfying crunch of a fresh apple, to the comforting dense chewiness of a homemade Waffle, I love to check-in with myself to see what my taste buds and my body are wanting to explore and experience.

I have found that trying different tastes on my plate transfers to other areas of my life as I feel more adventurous and open to trying new opportunities.

Exploring different tastes and textures in my dishes keeps my Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle exciting and interesting as there are a myriad of different ways to nourish my #gutmicrobiome.

Creating a meal that I enjoy and that is nutritious & healing for my body, mind, and spirit is just one of the ways that I am fond of practicing self love and self care.

How are you enriching your sense of taste thru your food?

Happy Friday and Let’s Keep Life Simple, Slow, & Sensual 💋

Let's Kiss Life 💋💚

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