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Sensually Mindful Eating: Sense of Sound

In the Tibetan 5 Element tradition, the element of space corresponds to our Sense of Sound and is located in the center of our chests.

The space element connects us quite literally to our hearts.

And when I Slow down and mindfully incorporate the Space element and the Sense of Sound into my meals I think of different things like:

*The Sound of popcorn popping

*The Sound of biting into a fresh apple

*The Sound of iced tea being stirred (any Rent: The Musical fans?!? 😘)

I also think about the Sound of food being made from:

*The beeping of my @instantpotofficial

*Or the sound of my oven coming up to temperature

These can all be Simple and wonderful reminders of the way in which we care for ourselves and others by lovingly creating nourishing food and meals.

What sounds do you notice when you are preparing, eating, or experiencing your meals?

Friendly Invite: Tune-in today with your Heart and your Sense of Sound and see what you Discover😁

Happy Friday and Let’s Keep Life Simple, Slow, & Sensual💋

Let’s Kiss Life 💋

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