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Sensually Mindful Eating Workshop

Sensually Mindful Eating Workshop utilizing the Tibetan 5 Elements

Join me for an Online 90 Minute Sensually Mindful Eating Workshop on 07/11/2023

This Workshop will provide tools and information focused on utilizing your senses and the Tibetan 5 Elements to Support you in bringing Mindfulness to your Meals.

In this Workshop we will cover:

*What is Emotional Binge Eating

*How the Tibetan 5 Elements Connect with our Senses

*How to Focus on your Senses and the Elements to Bring Presence

*Tips for each Sense to Cultivate Mindfulness

*Journal Prompts to Connect with your Emotional Food Cravings

BONUS: Tapping into your 6th Sense for Healing


Cost: $64

Space is Limited

Register by 06/19/2023 and receive $10 off by using CODE: HEAL10

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