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Simple Ways to Slow Down

Simple Ways to Slow Down

This wisdom admittedly came to me while I was doing ab strengthening exercises.

I was previously focused on regaining my body’s flexibility (expansion) and realized that I also needed to incorporate strength training (contraction) into my movement practice in order to progress and bring about balance.

How can this translate to our lives?

Sometimes we need to take a step back (Contraction) in order to be shown how to leap forward (Expansion).

It can be tempting, especially in our culture and especially as women, to feel as if we always need to do, do, do and go, go, go in order for us to feel as though we are successful and accomplishing life, whether that is in our careers or our relationships.

Instead, I invite you to see where you may be able to slow down and even stop.

This lack of movement can sometimes allow space and presence to arise and show a way forward that may not have presented itself to you before.

Here are some simple ways to slow down that I have learned work for me when I want/need to slow down:

*Seated Meditation

*Movement practices (another form of meditation)

*Creating & enjoying a home cooked meal


*Loving on my cat (when she allows😘)


*Being in nature

*Enjoying a warm cup of tea

These are just some of the practices that have been essential for me in taking time to regroup in order to receive my next step (or leap) forward in life.

What are some ways that work for you when you are wanting to slow down?

Take Care and Let’s Kiss Life this week 💋

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