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Check out my most recent YouTube video where I talk about my Pathway to Love & Freedom Health and Wellness Coaching Program.

This Coaching Package is beneficial if you are looking to immerse yourself in tools and healing methods that are rooted in the Authentic Tantra® Healing modality as well as Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition and other Lifestyle Wellness Support.

If you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness or autoimmune condition such as PTSD, Diabetes, Leaky Gut, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) , SIBO, Hormonal Imbalance such as PCOS or Hashimoto's, etc. and/or are looking for tools and support on your weight loss journey this Package can support you.

Here are just a few of the Benefits you can expect to receive:

*Methods to Heal Trauma, Balance your Nervous System, and cultivate greater Self Connection

*Activating and healing your Body, Mind, Spirit, and Sexuality with Tantric Meditation practices

*Sexual Healing for people with Yonis (Vagina's) to heal abuse trauma, low libido, inability to orgasm, vaginal pain, etc.

* Tools to Experience Sexual pleasure for yourself and be your own healer

*Practices to awaken and inspire your creativity and support you in navigating major life changes

*Empathic, Intuitive, & Non-Judgmental communication and holding space for healing.

*Yoni Yoga and/or Pelvic Floor exercises and movement to Heal and increase Pleasure & Connection

*Teaching and Support with transitioning to or incorporating a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle

*Depending on your unique needs and goals your Sessions may include topics such as:

•Calorie Density & How to Build your Plate

•Grocery Shopping & Label Reading 101

•Sensually Mindful Eating

•Food/Emotions Journaling

•Food Story Shifting: Healing your Relationship w/ Nutrition

•Tools for Liver Support

•Solutions for Better Sleep

This Coaching program is for Cisgender Women Only.

If you would like to explore how this Health and Wellness Coaching program can be of benefit to you, I invite you to schedule a 30 minute Consultation Below.

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