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The Courage to Try Something New

I found myself feeling anxious the other day about an activity that I wasn’t sure if I should partake in or not.

The realization came to me that sometimes you need to try something in order to understand if it is right for you.

This certainly does not apply in every situation.

If it is something that I am interested in, then there must be a reason for me to explore it further.

If I don’t like the activity, then I will know.

If I love the activity, then I will know.

As long as I am not hurting myself or others then the space to explore is open.

This lesson is about the exploration and not whether something is the right or wrong choice.

Have you tried something new lately and found that you loved it or not?

Friendly reminder to allow yourself the opportunity to explore and play.

Take Care and Let’s Keep Life Simple, Slow, and Sensual💋

Let's Kiss Life!!💋

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