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The magic of Turmeric!!!😍

Turmeric contains a powerful compound called curcumin that has amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

If you are able to find whole turmeric root, then the different compounds that make up the whole root have been found to have potent healing properties as well.

Curcumin has limited bioavailability in the human body, meaning it can be difficult for your body to readily absorb.

A recent study showed that combining turmeric with black pepper can increase the absorption of curcumin by up to 2,000%! 😍

Heating turmeric can also aide in better assimilation in your body.

I love utilizing the whole root of turmeric in my morning oats, and I put ground turmeric with black pepper in just about every savory dish that I prepare cause……why not!!😁

Have you tried adding turmeric to your meals?

Have you noticed a difference in your body after using it?

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Take Care & Have a Beautiful Weekend ☀️

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