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The Practice of Earthing | Grounding

According to research and what our ancestors have known for centuries, getting outside and into nature is so important for our health and wellness.

The feel of the grass, dirt, or sand is calming & supportive to our mind, body, & spirit.

The practice of Earthing is like consuming antioxidant food except exponentially more powerful and effective.

It can reduce inflammation, improve sleep, decrease stress and so much more.

Getting outside with our feet, hands, and/or our entire body on and in the earth can be very beneficial for our health as well.

This isn’t always comfortable or feasible, depending on the weather, and yet when we can connect with the Earth we are always connecting with ourSelves and our Home.

I try my best to sink my feet, hands, and/or entire body into the earth whenever I can remember to do it and I definitely feel a difference when I am able to engage in this mindfulness practice.

When it’s cold and/or raining outside my mind at first is saying, “Oh F*ck no”, and yet I am always proud of myself for getting outside to support my healing.

This practice is a Simple, Slow, Sensual and FREE way to connect to my body, mind, & spirit and this beautiful planet of ours.

So, how about you?

Have you ever tried Earthing aka Grounding?

If so, have you noticed a difference when you do?

Friendly reminder: Take some time to get outside and play in some dirt😉

Take Care and Happy Monday!

Let’s Keep Life Simple, Slow, & Sensual on a path of healing from Trauma and Chronic Stress & Illness❤️

Let’s Kiss Life💋

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