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The Six Senses of Eating. Part 1: SIGHT

I believe we utilize all of our senses (including the Sixth Sense😘) to enjoy and experience the food that we nourish ourselves with.

First Sense: SIGHT

What keeps me satisfied and brings me endless pleasure eating a Whole Food Plant Based Diet is eating a rainbow of colors as well as taking the time to plate my food in a way that is appealing to me.

I even purchased plates and bowls that I love and bring me joy to utilize.

There is a saying that “we eat with our eyes” and I have found that to be very true.

This may not be feasible for every meal if you have to eat on the go or at the office, but being mindful of eating a rainbow of Whole Plant Foods can not only help to heal your #gutmicrobiome but also nourish your sense of sight.

How are you enriching your sense of sight thru food?

And I definitely have a thing for homemade pizza 😍.

Have a beautiful weekend EveryOne!!💚

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