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Trauma is Like a Tennis Match

Having boundaries & healthy exchanges in a social interaction can sometimes feel like a tennis match.

If you have ever watched a professional tennis game, a player will have several balls that they cycle thru in order to pick the one that feels the best & that they would like to utilize to serve.

When I was deep in my trauma response it felt as though I would pick the very first reaction or thought (tennis ball) that came to mind and would share it regardless of if it was over sharing, a fear based response, a past trigger arising, or unhelpful in the current interaction that I was having.

As I continue on my journey of healing and the calming of my nervous system utilizing the tools of Music, @authentictantra, & Nutrition, I am able to cycle thru my tennis balls of thoughts and emotions and can share in my interactions the one that most aligns with my heart and integrity.

This doesn’t always happen in the moment and that is okay.

I still find myself becoming triggered and reacting in ways that don’t feel the most aligned.

However my practice of self compassion and mindfulness allow me the space to better recognize when this happens and do my best to stop and recycle thru my tennis balls of thoughts & emotions to try again.

The journey of healing and reclamation of authentic expression is a process and not a destination.

Each interaction is a beautiful opportunity to learn and grow thru connecting and doing my best to hit the ball that best serves my heart.

If you would like 1:1 support in connecting with your authentic voice and self compassion then click this link to schedule an Akashic Record Session.

Much Love & Have a Beautiful Weekend 💚

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