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Weight Loss: Finding Comfort in my Body

A surprising aspect about losing weight is adjusting and becoming comfortable with my body in a smaller size.

On my previous attempts with weight loss, I utilized a myriad of unsustainable methods.

My methods were based on my internal pain and reproach I felt towards my body.

I would get close to what I thought would be my “goal weight” and would unconsciously sabotage myself.

Deep down I felt uncomfortable in my body because it was still carrying the pain of abuse and trauma I endured growing up.

This time losing weight was effortless for me because my focus has been on loving and nourishing my body, mind, and spirit.

There has been no number on the scale that I am trying to achieve.

I have utilized the tools of Authentic Tantra® a powerful lineage based somatic healing modality that incorporates the Tibetan 5 Element teachings as its foundation. This modality has allowed me to honor the somatic healing that I needed to address the root cause of my weight gain and move thru the trauma that was holding me back and keeping me stuck in my previous trauma loop and weight rollercoaster.

If you are interested in learning more about tools that are rooted in the Authentic Tantra® healing modality and how they may be of benefit to you, click the link here schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation.

Much Love and Have a Beautiful Weekend💚

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