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What Does High Maintenance Mean?

What does high maintenance mean

What does high maintenance mean?

It can be challenging to continue to choose your own needs over what others would like for you to do or be.

I used to pride myself on being considered “low maintenance”.

For me, it was just a way to not listen to what my body, mind, and spirit needed.

And, instead, it seemed easier to please others instead of connecting with what I truly wanted.

Because if I am truly connected to my own needs, it means that there WILL be times where I will need to say “No” and this may potentially displease others.

However, in continuing to work to listen & to honor my own needs, I am giving others the opportunity and courage to do so as well.

When we are all engaged in this act of Self Love it is an opportunity for growth and learning about ourselves and others.

And when we can have our “No” or “Yes” to whatever person, situation, and environment we are encountering be met with openness, compassion, and acceptance (from ourself or other), then we know that we are in a safe and healthy experience.

So, what is your body, mind, and spirit saying FOR you today?

Take Care and Let’s Kiss Life this week 💋

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