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What is Light Language?

Let's Explore what Light Language is and how it may benefit your healing journey.

Light Language is a form of non linear Channeling communication that can be utilized to evoke or transmit energetic messages and different forms of healing. Light Language can be transmitted in several different forms including spoken, written, signing, & singing. When combined with intention Light Language is imbued with energy and transformation that will serve the highest good for both the client and the practitioner.

In my sound healing sessions with clients I love to combine the singing and/or the speaking and signing of Light Language.

Light Language can sound and look different depending on many factors including who is transmitting, who is receiving the transmission, the intention, and the message or energy that is needing to come through.

A transmission of Light Language can be different for each person who is receiving it because it is filtered by the Higher Self. The Higher Self will utilize the transmission to facilitate whatever is in the highest good for the receiver and that can look very different for each person.

A client can view or hear the same transmission and receive different healing energies each time because the Higher Self will facilitate what is needing to be cleared, healed, understood, and/or transmuted in that moment.

A Light Language Facilitator can channel messages and energy from their higher self, galactic energies, elementals, and angelic frequencies.

Growing up there were stories in my family of how my mother would “speak in tongues” during church services and when the spirit of God or Source was able to speak thru her.

I always found this to be fascinating and knew that it was something that I wanted to explore.

I believe that “speaking in tongues” is another form of channeling.

When I had my Spiritual Awakening in 2016 I was immediately drawn to different forms of Channeling and when I heard Light Language I felt instantly moved and connected to this beautiful form of healing.

I was honored to take a Light Language Certification course with an amazing healer Jamye Price and was surprised at how easily the transmissions flowed.

The beautiful part of Light Language is that we all have the ability to be a facilitator of this healing energy.

If you would like to work with me to receive a Light Language transmission you can click here.

The following link is a transmission via video that I created in Nature:

Light Language Transmission

Have you received a Light Language transmission? If so, what was your experience?

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