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Akashic Record Reading

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 338 US dollars
  • Via Telephone

Service Description

The Akashic Records are the energetic records of your soul that holds all of the information about the divine truth of who you really are. It records every thought, word, action, event, emotion and belief system. It is a record of everything that has been, is, and ever will be. By accessing your Akashic Records you will receive information to understand your blocks and limitations in life. You will gain insight into your patterns and what may be holding you back from living your life to your fullest authentic expression. This information and insight allows awareness to arise and provides you with an opportunity for deep transformational healing in all time, space, dimensions, and planes of existence by bringing forth a new reality that is supportive of your soul's highest purpose and journey. Are you feeling stuck or stagnant in your life and/or relationships? Are you unsure as to what your soul's purpose is and what divine talents and gifts are meant to be expressed in this lifetime? Are you ready to co-create your highest path that is inherently connected to your own soul’s journey and not necessarily what has been advised by your family, society, or culture? Are you ready to free yourself from limiting patterns and blocks, creating greater understanding, clarity, and connection to your soul’s growth by creating miracles in your life? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place! Your Akashic Records are the deepest profound tool kit for you in becoming a conscious co-creator by creating the results that your heart desires in alignment with your soul's purpose. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? *Connect with your guides, ascended Masters, Teachers, and Record Keepers *Discover your Soul’s purpose *Discover your gifts and talents *Remove limiting patterns and beliefs *Shift any storylines or narratives that are not supporting your soul's purpose *Powerfully transform your relationships with loved ones, career, and money *Co-create and manifest *Heal at the deepest level of your core being in all space, dimensions, and planes of existence *Become empowered by knowing what your soul is longing to express *Connect to your high level of intuition and wisdom *Receive understanding and insight to courageously make quantum leaps in your life **Please note that this appointment is done via telephone** ** This Service is Non-Refundable**

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