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I had an akashic records reading with Ceborah and it was an amazing and intense experience. She is highly intuitive and shares downloads in such a subtle yet powerful way. She allows you to truly process the records by helping you tune into your body sensations, her guidance helps you to identify what the information is revealing to you, what it means for you and how you can transform blocks. She knew exactly what my generational block was and was able to help me break through it. I have completely shifted how I look at my life after this reading and am gently shifting the way I show up in the world. I am deeply appreciative to have received the guidance of Ceborah my life, my ancestors and the generations to comes story has shifted forever. Thank you


Milly T.


I received my first Light Language Energy Healing with Ceborah. I had no idea what to expect, so I went in as a blank slate. One of my guides came through to give me a message. Multiple intuitive chills during and after the reading. Ceborah has an amazing gift for anyone wanting to tap into who is helping them along their journey. She is calm, loving, and an amazing energy healer.


Carletta O. RN, BSN, Astrologer


I had a session with Ceborah and the first thing I can say is her patience and attentiveness is amazing. I had very little expectation coming into the session so I was unsure what to expect from my experience. I felt comfortable and I appreciated the way in which information was transmitted to me. To my surprise, I was even lead through a wonderful healing ceremony with the energy of my mother that was so powerful and moving. The connection between the information that came through and how I experienced it in my body was unbelievable. Great session, indeed. 

Clarissa V.


Ceborah is a very gifted and open channel.  I enjoyed my Akashic Records Session with her very much and was in awe at the guidance given.  She delivered messages that deeply resonated with me and for that I'm truly grateful.

Thank You 😊

Karen G.


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